Alt.Com Review: Fake Or Legit? Time To Reveal

What comes to your mind when thinking of dating online? Most of us have tried at least registering on online dating sites to meet someone. Internet dating has managed to connect people, and with a dating site, people find their partners, be it for long-term bonds or hookups. It’s no secret online dating has become so diverse.

This is where you might find a site like Alt.Com, which caters its services to a particular group interested in BDSM and other kinks. Alt.Com offers an alternative sex community that you can join, and thus, its large user base is one of its strongest sides. If you’re looking for a person with mental and physical health ready to realize your kinks, then Alt.Com should be an ideal spot for you.

This internet site isn’t for free, though. So, you’ll have to upgrade your membership to fully benefit from its primary online dating services. But before you invest in your membership, be it silver or gold, you better consider all the aspects of this site. Thus, you should continue to follow this Alt.cCom review to learn more about this place.


Alt.Com In A Glance

  • Alt.Com is a popular dating site offering a large community interested in BDSM, role-playing, and other fetishes.
  • The registration process is quite quick and hassle-free, which doesn’t take more than 5 minutes.
  • The verification of your account is a must to continue using the site after registration.
  • There’s an option like live adult cams that you can watch for free.
  • The site is full of nude and explicit content.
  • There are lots of interesting features that make your online dating experience more entertaining.
  • The site offers 2 types of membership subscriptions.
  • The price starts at $19.95 per month.
  • There are some more advanced features that you should buy for extra money.
  • The site offers its services in 10 languages, including English.
Alt.Com In A Glance

What is an Alt.Com Dating Website?

First of all, it’s important to highlight that Alt.Com is like many popular hookup sites, but it offers more than any other hookup site can. It’s about a chance to meet people with similar kinks. In other words, it’s not just a platform where you can meet someone for casual sex. Instead, it’s a place where you can find a partner who can share similar interests in sex.

Not all sites are cool when it comes to offering a large user base where you can easily find someone as perverted as you are. But no worries, as Alt Com has everything your need to access a large alternative sex community. What’s more, you can also discover many other interesting features that you can find pleasant and entertaining at the same time.

Active members of this site are really eager to meet someone online, and you can easily find an ideal match thanks to advanced features like search tools. Or you can visit the Matches page, where you can meet partners based on your interests and geolocation. To get started, you just need to register and start dating online.

Pros and Cons of an Alt.Com Dating Platform


  • A wide range of single-minded people seeking BDSM or other fetishes
  • The site is great in terms of safety and anonymity
  • The mobile version is compatible with many mobile gadgets
  • Professional customer services working 24/7
  • Explicit content, nude photos on profile pages, and live cam
  • Advanced search filters for an upgraded membership


  • No dedicated mobile app you can download
  • Not much is offered for free

Top Reasons to Join Alt.Com

The more technology develops, the more it becomes diverse, and the same can be said about dating websites that range from a sugar daddy site to a platform offering a chance to meet people with similar kinks. And when speaking of kinks, you shouldn’t forget that Alt.Com is one of the top dating platforms where you can find like-minded partners.

This dating website is more than a hookup site, and this is one of the main reasons why you should consider joining this platform. But that’s not all. It’s time to reveal more about Alt.Com. Below, you’ll find the convincing reasons why a person with unusual kinks should join Alt.Com.

A large user base

One of the top things to discover with this Alt.Com review is that you can meet myriads of users of this platform. Why is it important to offer a wide range of members? For a site like this one, it’s essential to provide a wide range of partners and couples ready for wild sex.

This is also good for picky people. The more users you’ll get access to, the better matches you can discover, which is just a big deal for people who have quite peculiar kinks. So, a higher number of members is the factor that makes this platform appealing.

Particular service for realizing your fetishes

There are sites where you can look for adult video game titles and play them, or there are platforms where you can enjoy live cams of hot models. And there are great websites where you can find people who are particularly interested in various fetishes and BDSM, which makes Alt.Com a great place.

It’s not just a general hookup site where you meet singles for one-night stands. It can offer a chance to benefit from a particular service allowing you to meet and hang out with people who have a lot in common. So, this is another point of why you should consider this platform.

Amazing chat rooms to have smooth communication

When you open the web page of Alt.Com, one of the main things you would like to do is to start communicating with the members online. You can find someone based on your preferences and kinks, and all you need is to start chatting with that person. With the chat rooms offered by this site, you won’t have problems communicating.

Yet you should know that communication features are limited to a free account. So, you’ll have to upgrade your membership to benefit from the services you can find in chat rooms. Overall, communication on this site is among the main factors that make this incredible website worth trying.

LGBTQ-friendly dating platform

Is every dating internet site ideal for queer people? Well, there are many sites ideal for straight, and there are places that are ideal for members of the LGBTQ community. But Alt.Com is ideal for both of them. In other words, your sexual orientation isn’t something that can be considered to be really problematic.

As you might have understood, this is a cool place where gays and lesbians can have fun too. And there are many trans people and couples as well. Thus, it’s a platform with liberal and open-minded people focusing on connecting with others.

Explicit content for adults

In addition to online flirting, searching for great matches, and chatting online, the site offers great content for adults. Since it’s one of the top sites where you can find partners for BDSM-type sex, you’ll get access to explicit content related to it.

There are many photos and videos you can find on this platform. There are many profile pages where you can find such content, and people are really eager to share such content to make their profiles more appealing. So, this isn’t only about meeting someone for sex; it’s also about getting access to really amazing content.

Searching filters

One of the best things about dating on Alt.Com is that you can find someone based on your kinks and fetishes hassle-free. Once you register and create your own account, you should start looking for great matches. This is where you can love this site, as it offers quite detailed search filters. Of course, not all filters are offered for free.

In addition to basic search offered for free, you can get access to advanced search, where you can look for profiles based on sexual preferences. No matter what your kinks are, there’s someone who’s ready to realize them.


Quick and hassle-free registration

While there are myriads of special features you can like on this site, it’s worth mentioning that registration on this platform is quick. You’ll be asked to provide the basic information, including your active email address. Then, you’ll be readdressed to the main page of this platform.

But that’s not all. You’ll be asked to verify your account. This is an important procedure so that you can benefit from the features of this dating platform. You just need to check your email and click on the link sent to you. This is how you get your profile verified. The whole process won’t take more than 10 minutes.


Affordable pricing

This isn’t one of the most expensive platforms where you can find singles for sex and more. Thankfully, the prices of this website are quite affordable. For now, there are 2 membership plans such as Gold and Silver. Gold members get access to more benefits and services than Silver members.

There are several options you should consider when upgrading your membership. For example, if you choose the Gold membership, you can buy a 12-month subscription for about $150. It means you’ll pay $12.50 per month, which is quite reasonable.

User-friendly interface

When you access the first after the registration, you might feel that you’re visiting an amateur porn site. And you’ll see random profiles with nude photos. Not all the media content will be in HD format, though.

It doesn’t mean that this site will be hard to navigate. Actually, the site is quite simple to use, as you know what it offers after you’re online for more than 5 minutes. Thanks to the user-friendly interface, it’ll never be hard to navigate this place.

Blogs and magazines on Alt.Com

When talking about BDSM, there can be people who are really experienced, and there are people who are new to it. That’s why it’s important to share the information, tips, and guides on various fetishes and kinks, including BDSM, and this is where you can find blogs and magazines on this site quite useful.

Since Alt.Com is known to have a large community, it’s not surprising to discover great blog articles where you can learn almost everything about BDSM and related stuff. You’ll learn how to find the right partners to hook up with, have safety measures, and even more.

live members

Top Alternatives to Alt.Com

No doubt, this is one of the leading platforms when it comes to finding BDSM partners. If you’re into BDSM, bondage, and kinky sex, you should start dating on this website. What’s more, it’s also ideal for those who are experienced and for beginners at the same time. You can easily meet like-minded people on this website with search filters.

But is it the only place where you can meet hot singles or couples for kinky sex and BDSM? There are actually plenty of sites specializing in BDSM, and you might want to discover the top options. Here are the sites worth your attention:

  • FetLife. It’s one of the top sites if you’re particularly interested in bondage and fetish. The site is completely dedicated to creating a social network connecting like-minded people with a large BDSM community, which makes it similar to Alt Com. Interestingly, the site offers more than 60 various types of fetishes, so you should try this place for sure.
  • BDSM Singles. Looking for a site that’s overflowing with singles looking for BDSM? Well, this is the right destination for you. Here, you can find dominant or submissive partners looking for casual sex and even more. The registration process is almost like that of Alt.Com. Thanks to local dating options, you’ll meet many hot singles living nearby.
  • BDSM Hookups. As the name suggests, you’ll know what you can expect from this platform connecting thousands of people interested in kinky sex and fetishes. Thanks to the advanced search filters, you’ll be able to find the right partner with just a few clicks. It’s one of the top platforms to consider if you’re seeking ideal sex partners.

BDSM Date. Where else can kinky singles meet each other? BDSM Date is an ideal platform where you can access a large user base of members seeking a chance for BDSM and other fetishes. Although it’s an exclusive platform, there are some free features that you can benefit from. And it has really hassle-free and quick registration process.

Final Thoughts

Why choose Alt.Com? First of all, it’s not just a casual dating website, but it’s a place where you can meet hot singles for BDSM and kinky sex. Secondly, it offers great features like chat rooms and search filters. Finally, it’s really user-friendly platform that’s easy to use.